Finding Love for Mature Singles

We were mature singles when we met at the car park.
 I had a black car, and he had his on a white hue. My car engine was choked off and I had to ask help from him. At first glance, he seemed to be very timid and unresponsive, but he wasn’t. He actually gave me a hand. After 3 hours of waiting, my car remained unfixed and the problem is unresolved. I couldn’t go home without my car at hand because my father will scold me for sure. He offered to drive me home. When we arrived there, my dad was waiting outside the house. Surprisingly, he wasn’t mad. Maybe he just realized that his baby girl is now a mature woman, ready to take on the world. He left without any words at all, so I said to myself that maybe he doesn’t need to. While eating dinner, I told my father about the broken car. He was calm and meek. He knew that I couldn’t fix it on my own, so I just left it at the car park. 
The next day, he was there. He stood beside my car and smiled for the first time. He fixed it the whole night for me. From then on, we became best friends. For almost 10 years, we have been jiggling with each other’s joke and laughing at our own mistakes. We were the happiest friends. Never had I imagined that friendship will be just simple as this and can be very awesome too.
On my 35th birthday, we had a dinner at the roof top of his house. That was a weird date because we only had chips and sodas. After a few minutes, he began talking about serious things, such as having a family of his own. Much to my surprise, he got that small piece of box inside his pocket and proposed to me. He said he wanted to marry me since the day we met. I couldn’t say a single word, but my heart was pumping really hard. We knew each other pretty well. We were getting older each day, so I never let that opportunity passed me unnoticed. As matured singles, we knew that we were in love, but we just left it too long for us to recognize that we were indeed in love with each other. 
At the end of the day, love doesn’t have to be so tiresome. You have love inside your heart, but you left it untouched. Maybe you’re too scared to open your heart, but believe me, as mature singles, we happen to find love at the most unexpected way.    

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