Toxic Relationships

What are toxic relationships and how do we know if our relationships are headed towards the extreme stages of toxicity? The best way to define toxic relationships is to identify the toxic partner inside these relationships. Someone who emits negative energy and infects everyone else; someone who manages make you feel angry, stressed, manipulated and confused are the toxic people you should avoid. Toxic people don’t have anything good to say about issues and other people. They only see the worst in others and will not go out of their way to be friendly and considerate. 
Those who are thought of as “toxic” are often mocked behind their backs. There’s a chance that these people don’t even know that there’s something wrong with their attitudes towards others. If your partner is like this, there’s a possibility that you’re in one of the so-called toxic relationships. 
People may find it hard to admit that they are in toxic relationships because they see themselves as model citizens who can do no wrong. Being the good partner inside these toxic relationships is doubly hard because you have to cover up for your partner’s mistakes and you have to pretend that there’s nothing wrong inside your relationship. But you’re not fooling anyone, because people can tell that your relationship is no longer healthy.
Do you fight all the time? People can sense tension between you and your partner and steer clear when you’re around. This is a sure sign that something’s wrong and people don’t want to get involved. Toxic relationships always start this way. Friends and family members withdraw support, because they think your marital troubles should be dealt with by you and only you. 
However, there’s no mistaking that people inside toxic relationships need help badly. Someone from the outside should take time to tell them what’s wrong with their relationship before the once happy union breaks. 
Oddly enough, one way to know if you’re in a toxic relationship is whether your partner thinks you have a perfect relationship or not. If he keeps saying you should do things his way, and he never lets you make decisions, it means he wants to control your every move and he wants you to follow his rules. This situation turns toxic when your partner punishes you for not following his orders, and for not being perfect. 
Can you see the problem there? You know you’re not perfect, and you will make mistakes every once in a while. Not being forgiven for something you did is one thing, but to be punished for making the mistake is something else. 
In toxic relationships, your opinions and merits are disparaged. It seems that you aren’t doing anything right and your partner will never see the good in anything you do. Worse, he makes you feel that you won’t survive without him because you’re basically useless as a person. You know the relationship will end soon when it reaches this point. How can anyone thrive in an environment in which every mistake is treated like a fatal one. 

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