David & Natalie

Natalie’s Point of View

My knight in shining armor

If anyone ever tells you that there are no knights in shining armors, don’t believe them. I thought it was a fairy tale too, until I met David. What made David stand out from all the other guys who were interested in my dating profile was that he didn’t beat around the bush or dished out the flirts or compliments. He came right out and shared who he was and what he wanted from life. He didn’t butter me up or sugarcoat who he was, he simply shared about his life and his dreams. And to my surprise I discovered that what he wanted is exactly what I wanted too.

Because we’re both go-getters we didn’t waste a lot of time sending emails back and forth and decided to meet for coffee right away. When I first saw him I was blown away at this strength and his determination to create a life for himself that he envisioned. As we got to know each other fairly quickly, it became evident that I was just as much part of his vision as he became a part of mine. We have the same goals and the same ambitions. Honestly, from the moment we met it felt as though we had always been together, like no time had passed. It was surreal in a way, in a very good kind of way!

David asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. Our wedding is set for June 2015.

David’s Point of View

I found my gem!

When I read Natalie’s profile I knew I had found my gem. And so a true love story began. It was as if I had written her profile myself. How could it be that I could find my soulmate through online dating? And yet, here we are planning our wedding.

What impressed me about Natalie is that she wasn’t intimidated at all by my direct approach. I wasn’t really interested in the small talk, the week long and drawn out emails and chat messages. I wanted to cut to the chase and rather meet her right away. Time is my most precious commodity and to my surprise, she felt the same way.

I had always wanted to find an equal life partner. Not just a woman who wanted to be wined and dined, but a woman who understood my business and would back me up with my life plans. I have found this with Natalie. Not only does she understand my business and life goals but we are willing to help each other reach higher plateaus – together.

Truly, I had no idea that online dating would bring me to such a gem of a woman! I chose online dating because I frankly didn’t have time to go out and meet women. Online dating made this part super easy for the both of us. We have already moved in together and our wedding is planned for June 2015.
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